Laparoscopy Stack Systems

STRYKER Laparoscopy Stack Systems

Laparoscopy, a modern surgical technique where an operation is performed with a small incision to the abdomen or pelvic cavities. Also known as bandaid surgery or minimal invasive surgery or MIS.
Thoracoscopic surgery or Keyhole surgery is performed on the thoracic or chest cavity.
Both surgical procedures belong to the broader field of Endoscopy or looking inside the body for medical reasons using an instrument called an endoscope to examine the interior of an organ or cavity.

The STRYKER Laparoscopy Stack system contains
Stryker 1088I HD camera control unit
Stryker Insufflators 40l High Flow
Stryker Digital Capture Units 0240-005-0888
Stryker light source X7000
Stryker Video Monitor SV2 Hewlett Packard 6122 Printer
Stryker 1088I HD Camera w/24mm coupler. Year of Manufacture:2007

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