The Olympus microscope was developed and manufactured in Japan by Takeshi Yamashita in 1919. It took Mr Yamashita over 13 years to accomplish his dream of Olympus becoming a worldwide leader in microscopes.
Popular models we carry are the BH, BH2, CH and BX series and the Vanox.
Some of the microscopes come with teaching heads and cameras.

The Optical Institute company in Wetzler, Germany 1849 is where the Leitz microscopes foundations were born.
In 1869 Ernest Leitz was by then running the company percieved it as the Optical Institute of Ernest Leitz.
In 1885 Polarising microscopes were introduced and the company was in the forefront of polarised light microscopy with engineer Dr Max Berek mathematically discovering computed depth of field in microscope imagery.
Over the years Leitz has changed names then in 1990 was renamed Leica Holding B.V, so what was Leitz is now Leica.
The Aristoplan, Diaplan and Orthoplan plus the Laborlux S, 12, Leica DMLS Trinocular and more.

German maker of optical instruments Carl Zeiss became a notable lens maker in the 1840s when he created high quality lenses or wide open lenses which allowed for brighter images. Today the company is known for there broad selection of optical scopes and binoculars and the earlier models of microscopes are considered a collectors piece.

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