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ABBOTT Diagnostics ARCHITECT ANALYSERS c8000 and ci8200 intergrated with Immunoassay analyser iSR0147

  • Chemistry Analyser:

ARCHITECT analyser ci8200 and ARCHITECT c8000 intergrated with Immunoassay analyser iSR01457. Conductivity on one platform.

Intergrated Workstation acheives high throughput of up to 1,200 clinical chemistry and 200 immunoassay an hour.
Both chemistry and immunoassay testings require one operator delivering a combined report.
Large reagent capacity of 25 immunoassays and 68 chemistries.
One LIS interface reduces connectivity costs.
MDS improves laboratory workflow.
Maximized operator productivity reducing hands on time.

Three dimensional sample handler provides quick STAT report results
FlexRate technology extends linear ranges of enzymatic assays
Large load up capacity for samples and refrigerated reagents improving workflow efficiency.

All units have been well maintained throughout there use and are in excellent working condition, manual included.
Located in New Zealand for more information please contact us on email: or ring +64 211 709015.